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Bureau FAQ

  • Can I use 12Pay for my payroll bureau business?

    Yes. We have many practice and bureau clients who have found 12Pay very good for managing their client payrolls.

    The reconciliation report is useful for getting client approval for payroll runs, as it highlights all of the changes since last period.

    All reports are produced as Adobe PDFs, which means that you can mail them to clients and they can read and print them easily.

    Express Edition and Premium Edition users are limited to 3 registered companies.

    You can manage an unlimited number of companies with one licence by purchasing a Bureau licence which costs a total charge of £130.00/year.

  • Who needs a Bureau licence?

    You need a Bureau licence if...
    You intend to manage the payrolls of more than 3 employers
    If any employer employs more than 30 employees during a single PAYE year
    You want to alter the watermark that appears at the bottom of reports to promote your business rather than 12Pay.
    You want any other bureau features listed on the product page

  • Can I start with a Premium licence and upgrade to a Bureau licence later?

    Yes. If you buy a Bureau licence before your Premium licence expires, you'll automatically be credited with the pro-rata cost of the remaining days of the Premium licence. This calculation is shown on the My 12Pay page if you have an outstanding premium licence.

  • How many employers am I allowed to manage on a Bureau licence?

    There is no limit the number of employers that you can manage on a single Bureau licence.

  • I run a bureau, what do I do if I don't want the watermark message promoting 12Pay on reports and payslips?

    Buying a bureau licence allows you to alter the watermark, or to omit it entirely.

    Do this by altering the Report Message on the Advanced tab of the employer form. If you leave the report message blank it will default to the standard 12Pay message. If you want it to be blank simply enter a full-stop character in the box, which will be practically invisible on your reports.