My ePay Window helps you simplify your payroll processing and comms, bringing huge benefits to the payroll team, and putting employees in control.

Employers have a legal obligation to support employees with payslips and P60s. IRIS My ePay Window automates and streamlines this process, saving time, money and helping reduce your carbon footprint.

My ePay Window allows you to publish essential payroll documents electronically, to a secure online portal , from IRIS Payroll Products. Once delivered, employees can view their current and historic payslips, from anywhere, on whichever device they choose.

Efficiently delivers payslips, P60s and other documents to employees, electronically

Gives employees more control and reduces dependency on the payroll team for payslip requests, password reset and usernames queries

Ensures compliance, providing The Pensions Regulator approved Automatic Enrolment communications, P60 delivery and a comprehensive audit facility, with all communications both date and time stamped

Fully secure online portal, complete with industry-standard SSL, 2-Factor authentication and encryption of documents during transit – so you’re always confident that your sensitive data is safe

Reduces the cost of payslip and communications distribution by up to two thirds and helps meet company sustainability objectives.

Benefits to employees

Allows employees immediate 24/7 access to all their payroll communications

All communications are in one secure, online location, which they can view from their PC, phone or tablet

It’s paperless, so a much greener way to receive their pay details

Process and distribute payslips, Automatic Enrolment communications and P60s simply, securely and efficiently.

Employees can access important pay information from any location and from any device.

Customise your client portal to your corporate colours and logos so clients recognise your brand, not your software vendor.

Fully secure and GDPR-compliant solution.