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  • Can I submit a CIS300 'Nil Return'?

    Yes, just select the internet CIS300 request on the company form, and tick the "Nil Return" box.

    Remember, you need both a CIS licence and a Premium licence for the software to submit internet CIS returns of any kind.

  • Where do I get my CIS300 Monthly Return from in the software?

    The CIS300 report is on the Company form.

    Request the appropriate year and period, and the software automatically displays a form that allows you to change the report year and period every time you request a report.

    Figures will not appear on the CIS300 report until you have completed the period it applies to in the payroll. You need to press the button that moves on to the next period on the payroll.

  • How do I actually enter how much to pay my subcontractors?

    Enter the payments on the Week/Month n tab of the subcontractor form. Use code CISPAY (payments) or CISMAT (materials).

    CISPAY entries will have an automatic CIS deduction made according to the deduction rate of the contractor.

    To make more than one payment on a pay statement you need to set up extra codes in the Payments/Deductions folder. Copy the existing codes CISPAY and CISMAT for this purpose. Some of the important checkboxes for CIS are on the Advanced tab of the Payment Code Setup form.

  • Can I get a pay statement that doesn't include spaces for PAYE and NI details?

    Yes, you can get a pay statement that is suitable for subcontractors. You need a premium licence to select pay statement style. The style of pay statements is controlled on the Reporting tab of the Payroll form. Pick the style called CIS.

  • Where do I enter the CIS details of the subcontractor?

    The CIS deduction rate is on the first Employee tab.

    Once you've filled in the first Employee tab with their name you can enter their CIS information on the same tab. First, select the type of subcontractor (e.g. sole trader or company) and then you fill in appropriate details such as UTR and verification number.

  • I can only see payrolls and employees. How do I set up subcontractors?

    Create a payroll just for subcontractors.

    Tick the box on the Payroll form that states that the payroll contains subcontractors; employees added to that payroll will be subcontractors in reality.

  • How do I handle deductions made from my payments by my clients?

    Enter your client deductions on the Payments tab of the Employer form in the software using the Payment History button. This form is used for entering cash paid to HMRC and cash offsets to your PAYE/NI/CIS bill taken because of CIS client deductions.

    Enter the amount and select the type of payment that the amount represents (you could of course have both types in the same month, in which case just enter two payment lines)

  • Some of my subcontractors are not individuals. How do I enter them as companies?

    You still enter them in the same place, but the Name boxes on the first tab should be the name of the company.

    Enter the first word in the company's name as the Surname, and the rest of the words in the company's name as the Forenames.

    Leave the title, gender and birthdate blank.

    Apart from that enter them just like individual subcontractors.