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Year End FAQ

  • After year end, what does '12Pay understands payroll years [yyyy] - [yyyy] only' mean?

    You need to download and install the current version of the software.

  • What do I have to do at year end?

    We have a web page with full year-end instructions here

  • After starting the new year why am I still getting last year's P11 and P32 reports when I request them?

    On the Company form, where you request year-end reports, enter the year for company reports and HMRC submissions in the box entitled Report Year Ends.

  • Why do I get an authentication failure when I try to do an internet submission?

    Internet ID is your 12 letter user ID from HMRC
    Password is the password that goes with that 12 letter user ID

    You can check these by logging into the HMRC gateway manually. If you do that successfully you'll be able to see on that web page....
    Tax office (a 3 digit number)
    PAYE Reference (the reference quoted to the right of your tax office on HMRC correspondence to you)

    If any one of these is incorrect you will get an authentication failure message.

    If you are filing RTI you also need to have entered the 13 digit Accounts Office Reference. This is the reference you use when paying HMRC; it appears on documents such as annual payslip booklets.

    Do not confuse 0 and O (zero and oh), or 1, I, or l. (one, eye, or ell)
    Check if the HMRC Payment reference has been entered where your PAYE reference should be. Another common error is entering a password more than 12 characters long

  • Why are my year-end reports missing month 12 or week 52/53?

    You only get pay details on the company-level year-end reports after you've completed the pay period. So you have to move on from month 12 to month 1 of the following year, or likewise from week 52/53 to week 1 of the following year, to see the data from the final pay run in the year-end reports.

  • Why has an employee got NI table 'X' on their P60?

    If an employee doesn't earn up to the NI Lower Earnings Limit then the zero value line is shown as X rather than A. This is correct, according to the HMRC instructions and test data that we've received.

  • Can I see full details of my internet submission?

    The internet submissions are made under RTI during the year. You can see a record of the submissions you've made on the RTI tab of the Employer form, including a reference to a filename for each submission which contains the actual text submitted to HMRC.