CIS Module

Our CIS Module is specifically designed to be used by contractors paying subcontractors or for subcontractors to operate their own payroll, providing all the necessary tools to ensure compliance.

The benefits of the 12Pay CIS Module include:

Deduct payments at various CIS rates

Automatically attract CIS deductions at subcontractor rates

Adjust CIS deductions on payments entered

Internet submission of CIS300

Show CIS deductions as an employer rebate

Internet request of subcontractor verification number

Construction Industry Scheme FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the CIS Module

  • I can only see payrolls and employees. How do I set up subcontractors?

    Create a payroll just for subcontractors. Tick the box on the Payroll form that states that the payroll contains subcontractors; employees added to that payroll will be subcontractors in reality.

  • Where do I enter the CIS details of the subcontractor?

    The CIS deduction rate is on the first Employee tab. Once you’ve filled in the first Employee tab with their name you can enter their CIS information on the same tab. First, select the type of subcontractor (e.g. sole trader or company) and then you fill in appropriate details such as UTR and verification number.

  • How do I actually enter how much to pay my subcontractors?

    Enter the payments on the Week/Month n tab of the subcontractor form. Use code CISPAY (payments) or CISMAT (materials). CISPAY entries will have an automatic CIS deduction made according to the deduction rate of the contractor. To make more than one payment on a pay statement you need to set up extra codes in the Payments/Deductions folder. Copy the existing codes CISPAY and CISMAT for this purpose. Some of the important checkboxes for CIS are on the Advanced tab of the Payment Code Setup form.