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Commercial and General

  • Why is 12Pay Ltd giving free payroll software away?

    Once you have tried the free Express Edition of 12Pay we believe that you will want to buy the Premium Edition.

    The Premium Edition has additional valuable functionality, including several payslip formats and reports.

  • How much do the different Editions of 12Pay cost?

    The features and prices of the 12Pay editions are shown on the Products Page

  • Can I use 12Pay payroll for my payroll bureau business?

    Please see the Bureau FAQ for questions about bureau issues.

  • What are the benefits of buying the premium licence for the 12Pay payroll?

    A premium licence unlocks additional software functionality. Premium edition users can print payslips and a wide variety of reports and you can trial one payslip format and the reports for 6 periods in the Express Edition.

    If you are a premium user the red copyright text at the foot of reports changes to light grey, almost invisible. Many reports are available in the Premium Edition and we allow you to trial most of these in the Express Edition for 6 pay periods. In the Bureau edition you can alter the copyright text to a message of your own choice.

    A more complete list of Premium Licence benefits is on the Products Page.

  • What hardware and software do I need to run 12Pay Payroll?

    You need a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, Vista, or Windows 7. In addition that PC needs the ".NET 2.0" Framework and Adobe Reader installed on it. Most modern PCs will already have both of those products installed on them. They are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the web if you need them.

  • Which banking software can the 12Pay payroll generate net pay files for?

    The software currently generates net pay files for the following file formats:
    Albany ePAY
    AIB Csv
    Bankline Adhoc Bulk
    Bankline Bulk List
    Bankline Internet
    Barclays BACS
    Bottom Line
    Bottomline Bureau
    BOS Domestic Payment
    BOS Faster Payment
    Clydesdale BACS
    First Trust
    Generic BACS
    Lloyds Link
    Nat West Bank Line
    Nat West Payaway
    Northern Bank
    RBS Bank Line
    Roy Line
    Santander Multi BACS
    Santander Single Payment
    Unity Trust

  • Do I need to buy any special stationery?

    No. Payslips and P60s and P45s can print on blank paper (A4 or A5).

    If you want to print payslips on pre-printed blanks we offer that feature to Premium Edition users. There are many different designs for you to choose.

  • What happens when payroll legislation changes?

    We keep 12Pay payroll up to date with current payroll legislation. Downloading an updated copy of the software is free, and your current data will be updated automatically whenever legislation changes permit that. 12Pay automatically updates itself to the latest release at PAYE year-end.

  • What happens when there are new tax bands, NI bands, or other updates?

    You will need to download a 12Pay payroll software update.

  • Can I get training to help me start using the 12Pay payroll software?

    12Pay has a windows help file so you can get answers about the software at any time just by hitting the F1 key.

    We have provided instructional videos. The first instructional video takes less than 10 minutes to watch, and it covers your first steps using the software, including setting up a payroll, setting up employees, calculating pay, printing reports, and preparing for the next period. Further videos which explain other areas of the software are also available to registered users.