My RTI submissions are continuously polling.

The submission will continuously appear when the payroll is opened until it receives a response from the HMRC. This is usually because of HMRC planned downtime, HMRC service outages or due to excessive network traffic (usually at Year End).

If the polling status has been stuck on your screen for a while (over 10 minutes) you will need to cancel the process.

In order to poll the submission again, you will need to select the ‘Status’ button on the FPS submission.

I have had to cancel my submission, what do I need to do now?

• Do not resend your submission, wait for HMRC gateway to resume normal service. Check here for service status updates.

The submission will reappear once it has been cancelled the next time that the payroll is opened. When HMRC return to normal service select the ‘Status’ button to prompt for a successful submission.

• After normal service resumes, the registered email contact should receive an acknowledgement from HMRC. If this is forthcoming there is nothing else you need to send. If no acknowledgement arrives you will need to check the submission status with HMRC directly. Contact HMRC online services on 0300 200 3600 for confirmation. If HMRC cannot confirm the submission has been received please resend the affected submission from your payroll software as soon as possible. If prompted to complete a reason for late filing, select option G-Reasonable excuse.

Once you have received the acknowledgement or have otherwise confirmed the submission status with HMRC online services, it is good practice to check the RTI audit log in your payroll software. You will see one of three status options; failed, cancelled or pending.

My submission is showing as failed or cancelled in the audit log, what do I do?

If you have received an acknowledgement from the HMRC to advise that the submission has been received you can ignore the FPS submission in 12Pay by selecting the ‘Advanced’ tab on the FPS followed by ‘Ignore Permanently’.

My submission is showing as pending in the audit log, what do I do?

If the submission is polling then the RTI audit in 12Pay may not show an ‘Accepted’ date. When HMRC return to normal service and the ‘Status’ button is selected on the RTI submission the accepted date will be populated and you should be provided with a ‘Receipt ID’ for the submission.

Where do I find the RTI submission audit log?

Select the employer name within the payroll followed by the ‘RTI’ tab to view the RTI audit log.

Please Note: While we endeavour to support all customer queries, in this situation, there is little else we can advise. Ultimately this is an HMRC issue that 12Pay has no direct control over. We will make every effort to keep you up to date with service issues and technical problems relating to the government gateway via the 12Pay knowledge base or the live messaging system in your product. Any queries relating to the service availability of the government gateway should be directed at HMRC.

Check HMRC Service availability here.

HMRC online services helpdesk: 0300 200 3600

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