Updating the licence within 12Pay once it has been purchased.

Once you have bought a licence, you will need to ‘tell’ the 12Pay software package that a new licence is to be used. Select ‘File‘ and then ‘Licence‘, providing your ‘Internet User‘ and ‘Internet Password‘ credentials are correct you can click on the green ‘Retrieve from Internet‘ button.

This will load your new licence into the software and you can continue to use 12Pay as normal.

How do I set up my system to send payment SMS to employees?

This functionality is available with a Bureau licence. Set up emailing from 12Pay, see KB10026. Sign up with and purchase a pack of texts from Green Text Click the Mail… button on the Employer form. Fill in the SMS Template text box with: {0}.PIN@sms160id.textapp.net Replace the word ‘PIN’ with your Green Text system PIN (visible […]

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Sending Payslips & P60’s by email

12Pay payroll software can send payslips and P60s by email. You need to put an email address on each employee’s HR tab and 12Pay needs to be configured to talk to your email server. The information that 12Pay needs for sending emails is that same information that would be required for Outlook or any other […]

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How to reprint a P45.

After a P45 has been printed the ‘P45‘ button will turn grey and you can no longer access it. If in the circumstance that you need to reprint this document, press and hold the ‘Shift’ key on your keyboard and then press the ‘P45‘ button, it will then go through the process of printing as […]

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