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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

What if I need help?

Does 12Pay integrate with accounts software?

Is it easy to manage your own payroll?

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Usage FAQ

What do I do if I want to use payslip stationery?

Does 12Pay integrate with accounts software?

How do I pay expenses such as travel or mileage?

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Installation FAQ

3What do I do when I've clicked the "Download Free Payroll" link?

How do I buy a premium licence for the software?

When trying to install 12PaySetup.exe I get a message that a cabinet file is corrupt?

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Commercial and General

Why is 12Pay Ltd giving free payroll software away?

How much do the different Editions of 12Pay cost?

Can I use 12Pay payroll for my payroll bureau business?

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Registration and buying

How do I get my PC licenced once I've purchased a paid-for licence?

I have paid for the premium version. Where is my licence key code?

I bought a premium licence, but the message at the bottom of reports is still red. What do I do?

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Tax and NI Calculation

Why are the directors on my payroll not paying any NI?

Why does 12Pay calculate a different NI deduction compared with Sage?

Why are my tax calculations wrong?

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Year End FAQ

After year end, what does '12Pay understands payroll years [yyyy] - [yyyy] only' mean?

What do I have to do at year end?

After starting the new year why am I still getting last year's P11 and P32 reports when I request them?

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Can I submit a CIS300 'Nil Return'?

Where do I get my CIS300 Monthly Return from in the software?

How do I actually enter how much to pay my subcontractors?

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Bureau FAQ

Can I use 12Pay for my payroll bureau business?

Who needs a Bureau licence?

Can I start with a Premium licence and upgrade to a Bureau licence later?

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RTI Guidance

What is RTI?

Is it easy to file RTI?

What are RTI Hash Tags, and do they affect me?

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Auto Enrolment

What is auto enrolment?

How can 12Pay help me with auto enrolment?

Where can I see an employee's auto enrolment status according to 12Pay?

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